Uli Schallenberg

Uli Schallenberg is participating in a short-term residency as part of an exchange program offered by studio das weisse haus and Artists Unlimited.

Artist´s Statement

In my works I try to express as much content as possible in as little form as necessary.


Uli Schallenberg was born in Bielefeld (Germany) in 1980.


Master of Arts in Design at Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst (Masterstudio) in Basel in 2011.

Diploma in Objectdesign at University of Applied Sciences in Aachen in 2009

Selected Exhibitions

Spielart, Artists Unlimited Gallery, Bielefeld 2013 (solo)

Ulf Hegewald und Freunde, XYLON – Museum, Schwetzingen 2013

Temporary Art-Store, Panatom Gallery, Berlin 2010 – 2012


Red Dot Design Award, Essen 2012

Ruhrdiamant, Dortmund 2008

Diagonale 01 srgb

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