Veronika Burger

Veronika Burger is one of our local artists currently using a
studio space offered by studio das weisse haus. 

Artist’s Statement

“My artistic practice is predominantly a discussion of authorship,
artist identity, and performativity in connection with institutional
imperatives regarding efficiency and economically utilizable
productivity. While I work in several media including video,
sculpture, photography, and installation, most of my artistic
production is based on and related to performance – both with
and without the physical presence of my own body.

In my performative practice, I am interested in exploring and
challenging the borders of the performative itself through both
media and process. Focusing on the off-moments of artistic
production allows for institutional frameworks and production
conditions to become visible.

I am frequently dealing with the dynamics of interaction that
unfold in the (physical and discursive) space between artist,
performer, and audience. Introducing elements that blur the
borders between participants and audiences, such as choirs
and flash mobs, produces moments of irritation that call for a
renegotiation of authorship.

Another essential part of my artistic production is the
inscription of my artist personae into dominant art institutions
and art history of the 20th/21st century, as well as the construc-
tion of career and fame through the manufacturing of (fake)
documents, like museum posters, fan posters, or invitation cards.
I am creating various authorships as placeholders for non-visible
and non-linear art history positions and thereby celebrating a
Do-It-Yourself take on art history as an artistic paradigm, which is
free to copy and appropriate. The CV itself becomes a performance
stage: a continuous construction site of self-improvement.”


1981 born in Vienna. Lives and works in Vienna, AT


2008-2013 MFA, Performative Arts, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, AT
2006-2009 Transmedia Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna, AT
2002-2006 Objectdesign and temporary site concepts, Vienna, AT

Group Exhibitions/Performances/Screenings (sel.):

]a[uktion 2014, Atelierhaus Prospekthof, Vienna, AT

I am another world. Artistic Authorship between Desubjectivization an
Recanonization, xhibit, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, AT
S/HE IS THE ONE, Kunstraum NOE, Vienna, AT
Turboresidency 2013 Doubleshowing, ImPulsTanzfestival Vienna, AT
KRRR, Friday Exit, Lenikus Studios Vienna, AT
ROW_1 “krrr”, Ve.Sch, Raum und Forum in der Bildenden Kunst, Vienna
Abschlussarbeiten 12/13, Academy of Fine Arts, x/positur, Vienna

entzaubert – non-commercial QUEER D.I.Y. Filmfestival, Berlin, DE
Naoussa International Film Festival, Naoussa, GR

METAmART – Kunst und Kapital, k/haus, Vienna, AT
Vienna Zocalo, Galería Carlos Fuentes, VI. International Biennale of
México, Xalapa, MEX
And Andy says, Kunstraum NOE, Vienna, AT
What a Drag!, Concerthall Brut, Vienna, AT

Exploding Cinema, London, UK

Die Anderen, Secession, Vienna, AT
SWANHOTEL special, Concerthall Brut, Vienna, AT
Transeuropa, Theatre- and Performancefestival, Hildesheim, DE
TRANSSportMEDIA@, SPACE Gallery, Bratislava, SK


Turbo Residency of ImPulsTanz Festival, Tanzquartier Vienna, AT

Talent scholarship of Emanuel and Sofie Fohnstiftung, Vienna, AT
Advancement scholarship of Academy of Fine Arts Vienna through
bmwf – Research Funding

Artist in Residence, Performing Arts Forum, St. Ermes, FR


Veronika Burger, Super Véro_Set Up For An Art Exhibition,
different materials, 2013

Veronika Burger, Permission To Sit, Live-Performance, 5h,
Aida Stephansplatz Vienna, 2010, Foto: Lisbeth KovaČiČ

Veronika Burger, Vérorose, Videoperformance & Installation,
Telenovela Teaser, Poster (420x594mm), 2011

Veronika Burger, Super Véro_Copy All Right, Performance & Installation,
different materials, 2013/14

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