Iris Dittler

Iris Dittler is one of our local artists currently using a 
studio space offered by studio das weisse haus. 

Artist´s statement

Iris Dittler´s work can be located at the point of intersection between
contemporary dance and visual art practices. She investigates physical
states in various media like drawing, installation and performance.
The focus lies on the perception of the body, sentiently felt
configurations of tensions and tacticle – kinesthetic experiences.
She is interested in what can be found there in latency as an internal
physical and psychological architecture. Her drawings can be seen as
seismographic notations of those internal processes. Theobjects are
manifestations of physical states in collision with the material of the
everyday world.

Her installations are choreographed situations. Groups of objects are
set into spatial relations and frequently presented in combination with
live performances. She is interested in how a sequence of gestures
can create a body and reflectupon what it actually means to make a
sculpture. Her projects are process-oriented and demand an active
confrontation with the given architectural space. She oscillates
between galleries and theater spaces, creating sites-pecificinstallations
for the audience to be drawn back to their own physical constitution
in the very presence.


1985 born in Vienna. Lives and works in Vienna.


2011 Master of Fine Arts
2004-2011 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2008-2009 École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts (ENSBA), Paris


BMUKK-Startstipendium für bildende Kunst


2014 révolte logique, Part II: Slave to Art, Marcelle Alix, Paris
2013 Jene Création, Centquatre, Paris
2013 S/he´s the one, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna
2013 signals from beyond the source, Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna
2013 the meaning of things, Fondazione Antonio Ratti, Como, Italy
2013 some roads to somewhere, Holger BrotKunsthalle Vienna
2012 working, Glockengasse Nr.9 Vienna
2012 still moving – festival des arts in situ, Jardin d´Alice, Paris



Iris Dittler,, mixed materials, dimensions variable,
installation view Hilger BrotKunsthalle Vienna, 2013

Iris Dittler, Bodyscann#13, graphit on paper, A4,
exhibition view “Révolte logique, part II: Slave to Art”,
Marcelle Alix, Paris, Photo: Aurélien Mole, 2013

Iris Dittler, signals from beyond the source, performative installation,
mixed materials, installation view Tanzquartier Vienna, 2013


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