Anna Reisenbichler

Anna Reisenbichler is one of our local artists currently using a studio
 offered by studio das weisse haus.

Artist´s statement

Thematically my work revolves around the potential of knowledge generation and knowledge storage; I deal with the possibilities of collecting, systematizing, and remembering. In terms of method, I overlay and extract information, which, through decontextualization and reordering, creates new communicative structures that make visible both internal and external processes. Here I use mostly elements from scientific and mundane contexts, such as satellite images, diagrams, old engravings, textbooks, postcards. This is broadened with motifs from art history and literature, as well as pencil drawings and stitched lines. My working practice is like a form of (inter-) weaving: processes of writing, drawing, archiving, and thinking take place simultaneously and are inseparable. In the last year, I have produced mainly books because their complex form is well suited to my subject matter. The book also interests me as an object of personal use, and as a medium of communication and storage. My emerging, steadily growing archive remains just as fragmentary-momentary and subjective as the material it contains.


born in Vienna, Austria


2009 – 2014 Studies of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
2003 – 2007 PhD in Art History in Vienna and Florence
1997 – 2003 Studies of Art History in Vienna and Rome

Selected Exhibitions:

Im Dunklen Fahrrad fahren, UBIK space, Vienna
Georg Trakl 1914, 2014, with Angela Strohberger, Galerie im Traklhaus, Salzburg
SUPER Edition #2, Kunstraum SUPER, Vienna
die weisse ab-haus-verkaufs-kunstschau #3, das weisse haus, Vienna
London Vienna Calling, Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna
Cherries & Questions, with Angela Strohberger, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna

London Vienna Calling, London, UK
Parallel Vienna, Vienna
Post Apocalyptic Drawing Club, VBKÖ, Vienna
Linie – Zeichen – Zeichnung, Galerie Lang, Vienna
Walter Koschatzky Kunst-Preis 2013, MUMOK Hofstallungen, Vienna

Are you a legitimate artist?, Friday Exit, Vienna
INTRO, mo.ë, Vienna
Ausgesucht, Galerie Lang, Vienna

Bücherinnen, -die, Salon für Kunstbuch, Vienna
Das hat alles irgendwie mit M. E. zu tun (iM Ernst), Galerie Lang, Vienna
Incantos, Ve.Sch, Vienna
Kabinett Galerie Lang, Vienna (solo)



5. LeSouvenir
Anna Reisenbichler, le souvenir d’une certaine image n’est que le regret
d’un certain instant 
Sticker and pens on postcards, variable dimensions.
Temporary arrangement: group exhibition London Vienna Calling,
Atelierhaus, Academy of Fine Art, February 2014








Anna Reisenbichler, At the back of my mind, there is always… Ongoing archival project since summer 2013. Bound books and lists; mixed media, variable dimensions. Installation view: Library of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, June 2014

3. Buch_Arcadia_II
Anna Reisenbichler,  Et in Arcadia ego (II); or, Life without you,
bound book, mixed media on tracing paper,
21 x 14,9 x 1,8 cm, 2013

4. Buch_Utopie
Anna Reisenbichler, Utopie für einen Sommer,
bound book, mixed media on paper,
21 x 15 x 1,2 cm, 2013


2. London_Arcadia_II
Anna Reisenbichler,  Et in Arcadia ego (II); or, Life without you.
Mixed media on tracing paper, variable dimensions.
Installation view: Mile End Art Pavilion, London, 2013


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