Wednesday with… guest curator Krystof Gutfranski

Krzystof Gutfranski, a polish curator and artist/curator, who was visiting studio das weisse haus for a short-term residency in July, is living and working between Torun (PL) and Belo Horizonte (BR). His contextual research practice incorporates and mixes together issues of social engagement, food politics, urban metabolism and various aspects of systemic transformations in developing […]

Wednesday with… guest curator Yasmine Laraqui

Today, we are pleased to introduce Yasmine Laraqui from Casablanca, who is going to tell us more about her upcoming project, she is working on during her stay at studio das weisse haus. Furthermore she will give us an insight  about Youth’s Talking and Awiiily (2010-2014), two independent curatorial structures aiming to promote non-conformist international […]

Wednesday with… guest artist Christine Lederer

Wednesday with… presents Austrian artist Christine Lederer. She was born in Bludenz in 1976, graduated with a Degree in Communications Design (University of Applied Sciences) in Augsburg in 2004 and successfully completed her Study for M.A. under Prof. Olaf Metzel, Academy of Fine Arts Munich in 2014. She has had numerous Individual exhibitions, participated in […]

Wednesday with… Nina Herlitschka

It’s another beautiful Wednesday, this time with… local artist Nina Herlitschka. Her works are often performances; they can incorporate cross-media (sound, text, objects, screens) but can also function without requiring additional media – however, they always negotiate the issue of possible reference systems. The sound she uses is greatly inspired by John Cage and Phil […]

Wednesday with… Steffi Parlow

Welcome to Wednesday with… local artist Steffi Parlow. Her installations, objects, sound-installations and drawings deal mainly with the question of language as material within the artistic practice. Who speaks? Who can speak? And in what context does speaking occur? Speaking as opportunity and action itself as a possibility of being political, as well as the […]