Selection Process

On April 18, 2016 the jury – including Alexandra Grausam (studio das weisse haus), Juha Huuskonen (HIAP), Beatrice Jaschke (/ecm), Nora Sternfeld (CuMMA) – unanimously voted for Alexander Fleischmann. His Call for Proposal addressing potential collaborators in Helsinki will be announced by HIAP shortly.

Jury Statement
Alexander Fleischmann’s transdisciplinary practice promises a collaboration with unexpected topics and questions. His approach could be research based and explorative with an open outcome. Furthermore his experience and publication list is very impressive.


His call for proposals titled The market calls for emancipatory responses was announced by HIAP, in order to find potential collaborateurs based in Helsinki for this project.

Andrew Paterson, cultural producer and independent researcher, responded to his call. Together, they will work in Helsinki and Vienna on emancipatory strategies and practices, in order to challenge capitalist markets. The outcome of this collaboration will be presented in both cities.