About the Project

The curatorial residence entitled CALL & RESPONSE // DIALOGUE & EXCHANGE is dedicated to foster the dialogue between the selected participants during this exchange and to open a unique field of inspiration.

Divided into two sessions – one based in Helsinki in September 2016 and the other one in Vienna in November 2016 – the programme is designed to lay the ground for a collaborative project by encouraging the selected curators to share their professional experience und knowledge, in order to develop a joint practice. To enable the envisioned type of collaboration both participants must reside in Helsinki during the first session and in Vienna during the second session.

At the end of each residency the outcome of this curatorial collaboration will be introduced to a wider audience in the context of a public event. The mode of presentation can be chosen by the participants in coordination with the hosts – may it be a talk, a symposium, a workshop, a lecture performance, an exhibition or any other form of presentation.

Moreover, the partnership with the master programme CuMMA (Curating, Managing and Mediating Art) at Aalto University Helsinki as well as the post-graduate course /ecm (educating, curating and managing) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, enables both candidates to discuss their curatorial practice within the framework of these two programmes and to foster their network.