Contacts between the Habsburg monarchy and the Empire of Japan took place from the 18th century onwards through Austria’s maritime trade with East Asia. In 1869, the two emperors signed a friendship treaty. The participation of Japan in the Vienna World Fair in 1873 contributed to making Japan known to the Austrian public. The bilateral relations, which have grown since then are characterized by economic exchange, culture and sport, and are to be celebrated with the anniversary in 2019.

150 years of diplomatic relations between Austria and Japan give reason for this project, that combines a curatorial residency and an exhibition in das weisse haus in spring 2019. The main challenge of the curatorial concept is to refer to these bilateral relations and to make them visible by including artists of these two countries, who relate to Austria and/or Japan in their artistic practice.

The curatorial residency gives the selected candidate the opportunity to finalize the submitted concept. Therefore, studio das weisse haus will arrange studio-visits with local artists, guided tours through current exhibitions and collections, field trips and other events. While staying in Vienna, the selected curator will prepare the group exhibition in das weisse haus, presented in the first half of 2019. Therefore, the candidate will be invited to Vienna for another two to three weeks, in order to supervise the installing of the artworks and to be present at the opening. The dates will be finalized latest until September 2018.