Lennard Dost

Lennard Dost is Curator in Residence at studio das weisse haus during our fall 2014 residency period.

Lennard Dost (1976, Veendam) is working as freelance curator, art critic and advisor. He studied Management, Economy and Law at Hanzehogeschool, Groningen (The Netherlands) and afterwards Art History at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands). Lennard is especially interested in socially and politically engaged art practises. So, basically in art that interacts and/or is about how people interact, on an individual basis or within/via systems.
Since 2007, Lennard has written/writes about contemporary art for Dutch newspapers like De Volkskrant, Het Parool, De Pers and Dutch and Belgian art magazines like Metropolis M, Kunstbeeld and <h>ART (www.hart-magazine.be).
From 2011 until 2012 he was project coördinator/editor at art initiative Noordkaap (Dordrecht, Holland). Noordkaap at that time researched the rise of populism in Europe, and did organize projects in Munich, Istanbul and Cologne.
From 2011 until 2013 Lennard was advisor at the Mondriaan Foundation, which is the national art fund in The Netherlands. Since 2013, he is jury member of the Hendrik the Vries Stipendium, a grant created by the city of Groningen to stimulate young local artists and writers. Since 2014, he is member of the so called “Werkveldadviesraad” of art academy Academie Minerva (Groningen). The “Werkveldadviesraad” includes professionals from the field of art. The WAR advises Academy Minerva about the position of visual art, about new developments, about possible adjustments of the study program and so on.

In 2014, just before arriving in Vienna, he did a short (three week) curatorial residency in Valletta, Malta. He visited Malta together with fellow curator/art critic Mare van Koningsveld. They were invited by Valletta 2018, which is the organisation responsible for implementing the Valletta 2018 program. Valletta will be Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018 together with Leeuwarden, Holland.

At studio das weisse haus Lennard will work on a project about (the borders of) Europe and the symbolism Europe is using.




University of Groningen: Art History. Bachelor degree in 2006.
Hogeschool van Groningen: Management, Economy and Law, Bachelor degree in 2001


VHDG/SRV, concept developed when I was still curator/artistic director at art initiative VHDG. Province of Friesland, The Netherlands. www.vhdg.nl This year VHDG launched a mobile artist-in-residence. VHDG converted an old SRV-car (mobile grocery shop) into a travelling artist-in-residence. As of this year VHDG gives a young visual artist the chance to travel through the province of Friesland (where Leeuwarden, where VHDG is based, is part of) for one month to create new work inspired by both the landscape and the community. Dutch video artist Teun Vonk was the first artist to make use of this mobile residence. He left Leeuwarden on August 30th 2014 for a working period of one month. The results of his journey can be seen in the exhibition space of De Blokhuispoort, Leeuwarden from 27th of September till 11th of October 2014.

Incredible Travel Experiences, CBK Drenthe, Assen, The Netherlands. www.cbkdrenthe.nl  April 7th – July 5th 2014. Exhibition about individual travel experiences. Feat: Maria Barnas, Sophie Calle, Polak & Van Bekkum, Daniel Dennis de Wit, Erik Kessels, Abner Preis, Ben Kruisdijk & Conny Kuilboer, Inge Meijer, Joost Conijn, Floris Kaayk and Karishma d’Souza.

Collaborated with MBO Reizen (Groningen), a senior scondary vocational education specialised in Travelling. Lecture by Dutch poet Ingmar Heytze, who till recently had this fear of travelling.

Lexicon/Leksikon, VHDG, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. www.vhdg.nl November 30th 2013 – January 11th 2014. Exhibition about accents, dialects and ‘slang’. Feat: Anri Sala, Imogen Stidworthy, Jascha Blume, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Bouke Groen and Koos Dalstra. Collaborated with Genootschap Onze Taal (Dutch language institution), Fryske Akademy (Frisian language institution). A.o. lecture about accents in deaf language by Onno Crasborn, guided tour for deaf people through the exhibition and educational project in which children created a ‘slang dictionary’.

Social Sound, VHDG, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. www.vhdg.nl January 7th – February 16th 2013. Exhibition about social dimension of music. Feat: Katarina Zdjelar, Marijn van Kreij, Elena Bajo, Jeremy Deller, Matt Stokes, Steven Jouwersma, David First, Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Bouke Groen, Ferhat Ozgur, Elke Uitentuis & Nienke Jansen, !Mediengruppe Bitnik, Toon Fibbe, Little Sisters of Gay Mutton. Collaborated with Academy for Popculture (Leeuwarden), Popvenue Asteriks (Leeuwarden). Extra’s: organised a social sound radio broadcast, two opera workshops (a.o. one by Merlijn Twaalfhoven), a workshop in which you could create your own musical instrument, a new version of the complaints choir by artists Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen and created a Sonic Restaurant, a concept of artist David First. Educational workshop for kids by VJ Collective Nou & Herkauw.

In Search of…, In Search of…-foundation, Groningen/Nieuw Beerta/Finsterwolde, The Netherlands. www.insearchof.nl September 2nd – October 28th 2012. Curator with artist Daniel Dennis de Wit.  Exhibition project about ‘the legacy’of Dutch contemporary artist Bas Jan Ader. At three locations in the province of Groningen, The Netherlands. These locations had somehow meaning to Ader himself. Like the Reformed Church in Nieuw-Beerta, where Ader’s father was minister during World War II, and from where he helped hiding jews (for which he later was executed by the Germans). Project didn’t include art by Ader, who went missing in the 70s during a trip with a sailing boat from USA to Europe. We wanted to emphasize we miss him, and therefor didn’t include his art. Instead, the project contained art by artists inspired by or fond of Ader’s art. Feat: Slater Bradley, Guido van der Werve, Jeremiah Day, Michelle Browne, David Horvitz, Susanne Burner, Koos Dalstra & Marion van Wijk, Toon Fibbe, Frederic Klein, Dafna Maimon, Erik Bunger, Feiko Beckers, Derek Brunen, Erik Wesselo and Sjoerd van Leeuwen & Harald den Breejen. Collaborated with art academy Academy Minerva (Groningen); organised an 8-week-course for students, after that let the student do a one week residency, and exhibited the works they made during this week in the public space of Finsterwolde.

Young Collectors, SIGN, Groningen, The Netherlands. September 2009 – January 2011. Curator with Mare van Koningsveld. Series of three exhibitions about collections of young art collectors from Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Art collectors: Christian Schwarm (Berlin, Germany), Johan Delcour & Monia Warnez (Lauwe, Menen, Belgium) and Jaring Durst Britt & Alexander Mayhew (The Hague, Holland). Feat, ao: Hague Yang, David Horvitz, Peter Piller, Hubert Dobler, Cyprien Gaillard, Ben Kruisdijk & Conny Kuilboer, Michael Aerts, Leopold Rabus, Kati Heck, Marijn van kreij, Karen Sargsyan, Fiona Banner, Mark Wallinger and Folkert de Jong.

Including interviews of the collectors. Delcour & Warnez were for instance interviewed by Tanguy Eeckhout, curator at Museum Dhondt Dhaenens (Deurle, Belgium) and Durst Britt & Mayhew were interviewed by Arno van Roosmalen, director/curator of Stoom, The Hague. Also included; a symposium about art collecting during the crisis. Keynote speakers: Kai van Hasselt, Renee Steenbergen and Pim van Klink. Moderator: Raymond Frenken.

Popview + Lex van Rossen Award, Groningen (The Netherlands)/Amsterdam (The Netherlands)/Berlin (Germany)/London (United Kingdom). Initiator/curator with Floor Boogaart. January 2008 – February 2011. In 2009; the curatorial team was for one year expanded with Mare van Koningsveld and Philippus Zandstra. Exhibitions about European music photography by photographers younger than 35 years of age. Added to the exhibition was an award, dedicated to the famous Dutch music photographer Lex van Rossen, who unfortunately died in 2007. Initiative was created to stimulate young music photographers. Popview included the following exhibitions: Popview 2008, Popview 2009, Popview 2010, Popview Outdoor 2010, Popview 2011, Popview Outdoor 2011. Feat, a.o.: Dennis Duijnhouwer, Annie Hoogendoorn, Danny North, Emma Svensson, Kalle Bjorklid, Patrick Ryming, Charlie de Keersmaecker, Angels & Ghosts, Bertrand Bosredon, Nick Helderman, Titia Hahne, Julien Bourgeois, Gerrit Starczewksi, Jens van der Velde and Dirk Wolf.

Reading the Drawing – Narrative in contemporary art and comics, SIGN, Groningen, The Netherlands. www.sign2.nl

Curator with Tsjalling Venema.

Exhibition about the relationship between art and comics. Exhibition included comics that could almost be considered as art, and art that uses “the language” of comics.

Feat: BC Epker, Dominique Goblet, Frederic Coche, Antistrot, Martine Rademakers, Ytje, Pedro Bakker, Chiaki Kamikawa, Jonas Ohlsson, Johan Gustavsson, Oskar Nielsson, Sam Peters, Harma Heijkens, Witte Wartena and Lesanka Honigh.




Social Sound, January 5 – February 16th 2013, Leeuwarden, Holland. Curated by Lennard Dost (Photo © Pepijn van den Broeke)

Social Sound, January 5 – February 16th 2013, Leeuwarden, Holland. Curated by Lennard Dost (Photo © Pepijn van den Broeke)

Social Sound, January 5 – February 16th 2013, Leeuwarden, Holland. Curated by Lennard Dost (Photo © Pepijn van den Broeke)

Social Sound, January 5 – February 16th 2013, Leeuwarden, Holland. Curated by Lennard Dost (Photo © Pepijn van den Broeke)

Lexicon/Leksikon,  November 30th 2013 – January 11th 2014, Leeuwarden, Holland. Curated by Lennard Dost (Photo © Hans Jellema)

Lexicon/Leksikon,  November 30th 2013 – January 11th 2014, Leeuwarden, Holland. Curated by Lennard Dost (Photo © Hans Jellema)


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