Anne Elizabeth Moore

Anne Elizabeth Moore is Curator and Theorist in Residence of studio das weisse haus and departure, the Creative Agency of the City of Vienna. Her residency stay in Vienna lasts from May 5 until June 30, 2014.

For more information about departure studio 2014: Interdisciplinary Vienna visit:

Anne Elizabeth Moore is an award-winning cultural critic. Her work concerns the impact of political and economic forces on human behavior, including how trade policy and intellectual property rights restrict access to economic and political power along lines of gender, race, and class. Her interdisciplinary research often takes the form of text, but she also works in visual, film, and performance modes. Her work in comics journalism has helped established comics as a non-fiction storytelling medium, and her work with the Ladydrawers Comics Collective—particularly the Truthout series Our Fashion Year—has created an economy for under-represented comics creators; examined gender, race, and sexual bias in the comics industry and other media; and traced the impact of gender bias in cultural production through the international garment and sex trades. Her current project, an expansion of Our Fashion Year, explores changes to men’s fashion in Vienna under an increasingly globalized garment industry.



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