Since 2013, studio das weisse haus offers residencies for international curators and theorists.

The dates of the curatorial residencies are rather flexible, however, there are usually two periods of the Curator / Theorist in Residence program a year. The participants are selected by a Call for Proposal. In case of interest, please visit here.

The Curator / Theorist in Residence program is often based on cooperations with other organizations and its focus or topic are variable. For information about our previous collaboration projects, please visit Cooperations.


  • Monthly allowance of € 800,00
  • Travel expenses €200,00 (traveling within Europe) / €400,00 (traveling outside of Europe)
  • A private bedroom and studio space in a shared apartment – free of charge
  • Shared bathroom facilities & kitchen – free of charge
  • A program of guided tours, studio visits, excursions while in Vienna


Besides the oportunity of realizing an exhibition project, we provide the Theorist in Residence with an insight into the local institutional environment and we link him / her to the Viennese art scene. By means of social events, guided tours and visits, we connect the Theorist in Residence with local artists, curators and the cultural community of the City of Vienna.

Open Studio Days
The working space of the Theorist in Residence is situated in the studio building, where our local artists and Artists in Residence pursue their creative practice. Twice a residence period, we organize an Open Studio Day: On these days, also the Theorist in Residence is invited to participate and present his / her project.

Social Events
We organize studio visits, admittance to various events, exhibition previews, guided tours and other events, that link the Theorist in Residence to the local art community.

Image: Anna Schmoll

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