Since 2014, studio das weisse haus offers residencies for international art critics and art journalists. The program aims to introduce international art critics to the Viennese art scene and thus foster interdisciplinary and intercultural exchange.

For our residencies we are very happy to cooperate with different media partners. For example, we were able to work with EIKON – International Magazine for Photography and Media Art in 2014. In spring 2015, studio das weisse haus collaborates with the daily newspaper Der Standard.

We generally offer our Critic in Residence:

a cover of travel expenses: eur 200,- are assigned to residents coming from a country within Europe, eur 400,- are assigned to residents coming from a country outside of Europe
a small financial reward for the published article (the amount will depend on the extent of the article)
a private room in the studio building (with shared bathroom facilities partly located one floor above the private rooms and a shared kitchen). Please take into consideration, that it is not a classical apartment, but rather a living area in a complex of artistic working spaces.
a working space


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