Maria Meinild

Maria Meinild is Artist in Residence of the Spring 2014 residency period of  studio das weisse haus.

Maria Meinild works primarily in video but her practice extends into photo, collage and installation. In her works the staging of life, behavioral patterns and the scripts that seem imbedded in our notion of normality are combined with a strong interest in theatre and film methodologies. Her video works often borrow narrative structures, language and scenes from film, theatre and pop culture and she is interested in, how these influence our personal biography and the unspoken common expectations and codes that lay the foundation to our private and social interaction and identity.


Maria Meinild (SE/DK 1984) holds a MFA from the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen where she graduated in 2012, she has also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Among recent exhibitions can be listed “Words as Doors” Künstlerhaus KM, Graz, “V.O.”, Fauna, Copenhagen, “Fokus – video art festival”, Kunsthal Nikolaj, Copenhagen, “It is a place of force”, ReMap4, Athens. She lives and works in Copenhagen.




Curtain (2012), Maria Meinild, HD video projected onto circular MDF screen, 8 minutes loop, Photo: Markus Krottendorfer


Chorus (2013), Maria Meinild in collaboration with
Owen Amor, HD video, 14 minutes loop,projected
onto stepped plaster object, sound.


V.O. (2014), Maria Meinild, HD Video, 7.5 minutes loop


V.O. (2014) Installation view, Wall paper, framed UV print on glass, plastic bag, synthetic hair


The residency stay of Maria Meinild has been kindly supported by the Danish Art Council.


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