Jennifer Saparzadeh

is Artist in Residence from April 4 until June 30, 2016. 

Artists’ statement
Jennifer Saparzadeh is an Iranian-American filmmaker born in Los Angeles, CA in 1989. Her work visualizes literal and spiritual exile. She records landscapes and portraiture as pieces of an ongoing end, utilizing film as a medium to materialize sensation.

Project at studio das weisse haus

What factors influence your choice of subjects/topics in films?
Film is a medium I’ve always admired deeply. With age I understood that not only is film a magical tool able to capture time, it is also an empowering tool- one that can set to material form people’s histories and an aspect of their realities.

Why are there no faces in your films?
Each person has a right to their own image. I don’t feel correct in taking their image from them. I choose instead to record people’s voices with their consent.

What project are you engaging with during your residency in Vienna?
A 16mm film called Eye Without a Face. The film traces the closing of Europe’s borders until Idomeni, Greece.