Evy Jokhova

is Artist in Residence from April 4 until June 30, 2016. 

Artists’ statement
Evy Jokhova is a multi disciplinary artist, working with drawing, painting, installation, photography, film, and participatory events. Jokhova holds an MA in Political Communications, Goldsmiths College (2013) and an MA in Fine Art, Royal College of Art (2011). Jokhova has been the recipient of the Arts Council Individual Arts Grant (2012), the COS Commission for Frieze Art Fair, London (2011). She has been an artist in residence at Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes, London (2015), WW Contemporary Art, London (2012) and Florence Trust, London (2008-09). In 2014 Jokhova initiated – the Allotment project – a social experiment, a participatory research programme of events and online research blog exploring the relationship between food, politics, culture and society.



Project at studio das weisse haus

What project are you pursuing during your stay in Vienna?
The project I am working on whilst in residence at das weisse haus fits within the larger framework of my research on how architecture forms and influences societies, but is specific to Vienna. I am looking at the relationship between architecture, music and mathematics on the premise that both architecture and music are underpinned by the same mathematical principles. My aim is to transcribe a modernist church designed by the Austrian sculptor Fritz Wotruba in to music. This is a long process, which, alongside my research into the principles of ceremonial architecture I have been documenting in a blog.

Vienna vs. London: What is different and what is similar about an artist’s life here?
I came to London as an art student in 2002 and remained as a practicing artist until now. Comparing Vienna to London from my experience of being in the city for almost 2 months now, I feel that time runs at a slightly slower pace here. I definitely have more time to think, research and make. I can get a lot more done in one day also, as distances are shorter and living costs are cheaper. Vienna is very well suited for artists I think; perhaps I am also rather taken with it, as our residency building is just so beautiful and quiet. Where else would I be able to live in a house with an inside courtyard and a large tree in it?