Since spring 2013, studio das weisse haus offers residencies for young international artists who work and / or have academic experience in the fields of fine arts, photography or media arts.

We offer to each Artist in Residence

  • a monthly allowance of eur 300,- to cover basic living costs (we recommend to the candidates to look for additional funding options)
  • a one-time contribution of eur 100,- to cover a part of the production costs for the residency project
  • a cover of travel expenses: € 200,- are assigned to residents coming from a country within Europe, whereas € 400,- are assigned to residents coming from a country outside of Europe
  • a private room in a shared apartment (with a shared kitchen and shared bathroom facilities)
  • an individual studio space

Within our program, we aim to link the Artists in Residence to the Viennese art scene and provide them with an insight into the local institutional environment. By means of social events, presentations and guided tours, we connect the Artists in Residence with local artists, curators and the cultural community of the City of Vienna.

Open Studio Days
During a residence period, we organize an Open Studio Day: On these days, the artists are invited to present their project/s (current project, former works, working process etc.) to the public.

Social Events
We organize studio visits, admittance to various events, exhibition previews, guided tours and other events, that link the Artists in Residence to the local art community.

Final Presentation
At the end of the residency period, the Artist in Residence will present a recent project in form of an exhibition, screening, lecture or by other means of presentation.