studio das weisse haus is a residence and studio program for local and international artists, curators/theorists and journalists. The program was started by Viennese art association das weisse haus, which was founded in December 2007 and has been set out to support and promote emerging artists by providing a space for presentation and discourse.

The main purpose of the studio das weisse haus is to offer a platform where local and international artists, curators and theorists can work together, encouraging intercultural exchange and artistic discourse. We seek to support artistic practice and create a space where innovative projects can prosper. The idea is to connect international artists and curators with the local art community and to involve the public in the creative process.

Following the concept of das weisse haus the studio program will make use of various premises, residing at locations on a temporary basis. Challenging the discourse about art and space, studio dwh offers its national and international residents different spatial situations and thus introduces them to various spots and locations in the city. The program will therefore adapt due to differing location conditions.

Current residence
For the first time in its existence studio das weisse haus is located in two different addresses: In Korbergasse 15, 1120 Vienna we continue our Residence Program 2016 for international artists, curators/theorists and critics. Additionally we provide up to six studio spaces for local artists there and three more in our second location in Untere Augartenstrasse 5, 1020 Vienna.

studio das weisse haus is funded by the Arts Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria.
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