Lucia Simon Medina, Artist in Residence 2018

studio das weisse haus is pleased to welcome our new Artist in Residence Lucia Simon Medina, who will participate in our program from February 03 – March 03, 2018.

Born in Santander (ES) in 1987, she studied Interdisciplinary Art at Braunschweig University of Art (DE) and Facultad de Bellas Artes Cuenca (ES). Her artistic research focuses on the intersection between language, logic, mathematics, movement and musicality. On one hand, she attemps to analyse the transcription and the deconstruction from one discipline into another, and in the other hand, to investigate the moment before thoughts begin to be conceptualised into words. Recently she has been working with the visualisation of encryption systems based on prime numbers used on the internet. Her work includes audiovisual compositions and installations based on numbers notations.

This residency is organized in cooperation with Orbital Residency, a non-profit organisation that offers opportunities for accommodation and production in the rural area of Cantabria.

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