INTERMARIUM, A lecutre by Piotr Sikora

studio das weisse haus cordially invites you to a lecture by our guest curator Piotr Sikora, in which he will give an insight in his ongoing project INTERMARIUM. The event takes place on September 14, 2016 at 6pm, Location #1: Korbergasse 15, 1120 Vienna.
About Intermarium
Azorro (Oskar Dawicki, Igor Krenz, Wojciech Niedzielko, Łukasz Skąpski)/Chto Delat/Julie Chovin/Mark Fridvalszki/Hubert Gromny/Irwin (Dusan Mandic, Miran Mohar, Andrej Savski, Roman Uranjek, Borut Vogelnik)/Kornel Janczy/Ada Karczmarczyk/Zbigniew Libera/Svätopluk Mikyta/Little Warsaw(Andras Galik, Balint Havas) /Pavla Malinová/Tymon Nogalski/Rafani(David Korinek, Jiri Franta, Marek Meduna, Ludek Rathousky, Zuzana Blochova)/Stanisław Szukalski/Stach Szumski
FUTURA (Prague) / Chimera Project (Budapest) /
Plusminusnula (Zilina) / BWA Sokol (Nowy Sacz)
Curators: Łukasz Białkowski, Piotr Sikora
“Intermarium” is an exhibition addressing phantasms and images employed by Central European countries when they wish to define their position towards Western Europe and other countries of the region.
The project attempts to sketch the specificity of each of the former Eastern block countries through the prism of their image of themselves, their role and position towards other European states, as well as their aspirations, contradictions, and common interests. We also trace the changes of the perception of the Central-Eastern European community across several generations of artists.
related to history and national identity. The exhibition presents examples of aesthetics verging on art and propaganda, typical of totalitarian systems.
Radicalism of artistic groups taking part in the exhibition stems from the need to move outside the still ardent conflict between the East and the West. The awareness of the clinch of Central Europe comes back as a wish to rework totalitarian symbols, national authorities, dreams of power, and history as a sphere of manipulation of the present and construction of visions for the future.
Has the issue of regional identity fallen into oblivion together with both fading and unwanted memories of the common coexistence under the surveillance of the Big Brother? Employing the figure of Intermarium, a phantasmatic empire in-between two seas, we spin visions of the lost or perhaps never-existing community whose nature is aptly expressed by the work made by IRWIN group: Now is the time for a new state. Some say that this is where you will find happiness.

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