A Rap on Race Revisited

You are cordially invited to A Rap on Race Revisited
Monday July 18, 6 – 10 pm
Tuesday July 19, 12 – 4 pm
Tuesday July 19, 8 pm – midnight

das weisse haus, Hegelgasse 14, 1010 Vienna

– – –

If history were past, history wouldn’t matter. History is the present, the present.
You and I are history. We carry our history. We act in our history. We act on it.
–– James Baldwin

[T]o choose to have a conversation with someone is to admit them into the field where worlds are constructed.
–– Monika Szewczyk

A Rap on Race Revisited is a three-part program resonating and ruminating the thought-provoking 1970s conversation between the acclaimed black novelist, essayist, playwright, poet and social critic James Baldwin (1924-1987) and the celebrated white anthropologist and long-time curator of the American Museum of Natural History Margaret Mead (1901- 1978). Baldwin and Mead’s intense talk about the crises of their/our time lasted seven and a half hours. Their tête-à-tête was divided into three sessions over the course of two days. Initially there was no audience other than a tape-recorder, however, their extraordinary verbal sessions about interlocking systems of domination were soon transcribed and made public as A Rap on Race (1971).

A Rap on Race Revisited presents performative dialogical reading sessions of the transcribed conversation by Patrick Bongola and Krõõt Juurak as well as contemporary re-actions in order to enable a working and thinking through how the words of James Baldwin and Margaret Mead, voiced in the USA in the summer of 1970, can speak (again) in Vienna in the summer of 2016. At the same time A Rap on Race Revisited makes room for unscripted conversations, feelings, thoughts and disputes that would be dragged out along with this re-liveness.

Your attendance and contribution to the public debate would be greatly appreciated.

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