Wednesday with… Steffi Parlow

Welcome to Wednesday with… local artist Steffi Parlow. Her installations, objects, sound-installations and drawings deal mainly with the question of language as material within the artistic practice. Who speaks? Who can speak? And in what context does speaking occur? Speaking as opportunity and action itself as a possibility of being political, as well as the formal quality of language constitute a focus. The installation can become a platform of construction and deconstruction at the same time. What interests the artist in the working process is to deal with objects that refer to action – both imagined and performing action.

Steffi Parlow currently has an ongoing talk show together with the Danish Artist Ida West-Hansen: KLEINER AUFWAND, GROßE WIRKUNG. This project is an initiative which takes as its key concern different positions from various fields, in order to connect people and passions. The monthly talk show takes place in changing locations and feature individual guests who give a five-minute presentation on a topic or subject of their own choice.


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