Fall 2014 Residencies – in retrospect

What an eventful and amazing fall residency period we had: Four artists in residence, one curator in residence and our first critic in residence came to Vienna in order to work here for periods between three weeks (critic in residence), two month (curator in residence) & twelve weeks (artists in residence).

Artists in Residence

On September 22, we welcomed four artists in residence at studio das weisse haus: Jamie Campbell (CA), Jiři Franta (CZ), Suse Itzel (DE) and Rah (IR/CA) spent 12 weeks in Vienna. The group of residents was amazingly diverse in terms of media – Jiři and his artistic partner David Böhm make large-scale drawings together, questioning artistic subjectivity, as well as the notion of the artistic genius and underlining an open and undefined process of production. Jamie Campbell applied at studio das weisse haus with a focus on animal photography, mainly on cats, that lead to him having some great acquaintances in Vienna. Suse Itzel transformed her studio at our premises into a a space with moving and disintegrating walls, that react to the movement of the audience. Rah, who mainly works in video and performance, conducted an interview project with Iranian expatriates in the Viennese LGBT community that she showed at our event “das weisse WINTER haus”.

Furthermore, we hosted Leifur Ýmir Eyjólfsson as guest artist at studio das weisse haus, on the occasion of his participation of the exhibition “ice ice baby” by the organization on site art projects.

If you want to learn more about our artists in residence & our guest artist, see our portfolio pages.

Here are some impressions of the studios, the works of our AIRs & our events:













Jiři Franta & David Böhm in their studio at studio das weisse haus.







Rah & Suse Itzel talking about their work during a guided tour.







Jamie Campbell fabulously posing in front of his work during our first open studio day of the season!







Suse Itzel – having parts of her installation ready – during our first open studio day.

A documentation of Rah’s residency project “Refugees welcome”:

A documentation of Suse Itzel’s residency project “Raumspiel”:




















Curator in Residence

It was a pleasure to host Lennard Dost (NL) as the first curator in residence at studio das weisse haus who curated a show at the exhibition spaces of das weisse haus. His show “WE ARE HERE BeCAUSE YOU WERE/ARE (t)HERE” discussed European symbolism and the borders of Europe on the occasion of the anniversary of the Congress of Vienna. Lennard spent two month at studio das weisse haus, and – alongside the other residents – took part in the program organized for the residents. Click here to read more about his show on the website of das weisse haus!








Lennard and Wiebke at the OK in Linz during our excursion to the Upper Austrian capital.

Critic in Residence

Well, that was a first for us! We are also grateful to have hosted our first critic in residence (in cooperation with EIKON – International Magazine for Photography and Media Art), Luisa Grigoletto. Luisa is a freelance art critic based in Rome who was part of our program for three weeks. We offered her a mentoring program specially designed for our critic in residence: three mentors (Anne Katrin Feßler, Lucas Cuturi & Nika Kupyrova) showed our mentee Luisa their take on the Viennese art scene, going with her to shows, openings and studios!
Luisa’s article for EIKON will be published in the first edition of the magazine in 2015.

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)









Luisa, Rah and Jiři in Birgit Graschopf’s studio in Vienna.

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)







Lennard, Luisa and Jamie in Sira-Zoé Schmid’s studio in Vienna.


We would like to thank all our residents for the amazing, inspiring and reciprocally beneficial time we could spend with you in Vienna – we hope to see you again someday and wish that you will remember the time at studio das weisse haus positively!

We would also like to thank our cooperation partners in fall 2014: EIKON – International Magazine for Photography and Media Art and Departure (part of the Vienna Business Agency).

Thanks to everyone who invited us in their institution & showed us around
Hannah Bruckmüller, who showed us the spaces of “Raum ohne Namen” at Parallel Vienna
Daniela Hahn, who gave us both a tour at Schaukasten & Sammlung Verbund
Clemens Rettenbacher, who gave us a guided tour through the Carsten Höller exhibit at TBA21

Linz: Thanks to Raumschiff, Lentos for generously inviting us on a guided tour; OK and Genoveva Rückert for the invitation and the opening words, BB15 for the input and the overdue coffee, Juliana Herrero and Alexander Beck at Kunstuni Linz for the wonderful lunch & insight into your work and of course Alexandra Kahl for showing us around in Linz!

Thanks to Birgit Graschopf & Sira-Zoé Schmid for showing us you work at your studio.

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