Thanks to everyone who participated at our first Open Studio Day of the Fall Residency Period on Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 5pm to 10pm!

Our Artists in Residence Jamie Campbell (Canada), Rah (Iran/Canada), Jiri Franta & David Böhm (Czech Republic) and Suse Itzel (Germany) invited our guest into their studios to show some of their old work, and discussed their ongoing reidency projects. As usual, we welcomed all ouf our guests with snacks and drinks at Kriehubergasse 24-26, 1050 Wien!

We are very glad to have also included our local artists for the Open Studio Day: Michaela BruckmüllerVeronika BurgerIris DittlerMelanie EnderDaniel FerstlKarin FisslthalerJuliana HerreroJames KinsellaSissa MicheliBen PointekerAnna ReisenbichlerLena Lieselotte SchusterChristian WeidnerNicole WenigerChristina Werner and Natalia Zaluska.

Some impressions of the Open Studio Day:




























(c) Lucia Vilsecker


Highlights of the Program:

Veronika Burger invited the visitors of the Open Studio Day to discuss her ongoing work “even if the lights go out, there is still light (Arbeitstitel)” (performative installation & video biography, 2014/2015) and gave an insight into her practice.

Juliana Herrero and Sissa Micheli invited each other to interact on each other’s work in both their studios. On the occasion of our Open Studio Day both their studio spaces hosted a unique temporary set, which was interrelated. Each artist was challenged to cross the limits of the own work by creating two temporary art pieces for one day. The works of the two artists interacted on a spatial, temporal, real and virtual level.









James P. Kinsella invited the visitors to contribute to his “Socialmaterialbank“, he started the discussion with a prominent Austrian figure: Conchita Wurst.

Lena Lieselotte Schuster works in performance and conceptual art, but also employes participatory elements and experiments. Her focus lies on developing ideas and concepts that will eventually be translated into performance – always minding situativeness and institutional critique. At the Open Studio Day she showed “working process 2014“.
Carlos von den Hügeln is a sculptor in his own terms – using mainly wood and cardboard. Spontaneously he performs, mostly not longer than five minutes, and leaves installations and formally reduced objects behind. If you are wondering why Carlos is not included in our list of local artists, you might want to do some research.

Natalia Zaluska showed a new large scale work (untitled, collage on canvas, 2014) and some smaller works.



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