We`re happy to announce the name of our NEW CURATOR / THEORIST IN RESIDENCE !!

It`s a great pleasure for us to announce the results of the Open Call for the Curator / Theorist in Residence program offered by studio das weisse haus in cooperation with departure, entitled “departure studio 2014: Interdisciplinary Vienna”!

Out of numerous applications, our board of experts has selected writer, editor and art historian Anne Elizabeth Moore from USA! The residency is going to take place from May 10 until July 5, 2014.


After studying Art History, Theory and Criticism at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Anne Elizabeth Moore has devoted much of her professional career to comic books. This spring in Vienna, she will pursue her theoretical residency project based on a research of the Viennese men`s fashion style and its advancing change caused by globalization and other economic impacts. Based on this research and in collaboration with a local comics artist, she will create a series of investigative comics exploring this topic. These comics are themselves intended to provoke thought around questions of globalization, personal aesthetics, and contemporary society, as much as they will describe a past set of influences on these same questions. They are an example of fine art about applied art, much as the process of creating global fashion is often its opposite: creating applied arts from fine arts ideals.

EN_departure studio 2014


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